It’s no longer the summer movie season, but November is a blockbuster month for streaming. Viewers are getting the double dose of both Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, as Olivia Wilde’s much-publicized thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” arrives on HBO Max in addition to Pugh’s “The Wonder” on Netflix and Styles’ “My Policeman” upon Amazon Prime Video. But there’s a lot more star-power to be found this 30 days: Jennifer Lawrence returns in order to indies on Apple TV+, Daniel Radcliffe embraces his inner Weird “Al” Yankovich for Roku, Lindsay Lohan mounts her Netflix comeback and more.

Also of note this month on streaming is the arrival of two of the year’s most acclaimed documentaries. National Geographic’s “Fire of Love” tells the unforgettable love story of two volcanologists and Primary Video’s “Good Night Oppy” is a real-world spin upon “Wall-E” as it follows a Mars rover roaming the red planet for 15 years.

Perhaps the biggest new addition to streaming this month is Jordan Peele’s “Nope” debuting on Peacock. Check out the full rundown associated with new loading options below.

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