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This year the global population is projected to reach  8 billion people , about double the population in 1974. This means feeding the planet requires our own Earth’s natural resources on an unprecedented scale.  

Global food production   is responsible for around a quarter associated with planet-warming carbon pollution, and our agricultural systems are exceptionally land and water intensive. What’s more, extreme weather related to climate change — from drought in order to floods — endangers fragile food ecosystems. In 2020 alone, for example ,   98 million more   people faced food insecurity compared to the 1981-2010 average because of heat waves.  

Food is also so much more than sustenance — it brings people together, and represents history, geography and culture. A warming world means that some associated with these most beloved gastronomic traditions are at stake.  

So how do we feed a growing population, reduce carbon emissions and protect the majority of vulnerable? From tackling systemic issues like food waste to learning how to cook delicious plant-based recipes at home, here are eight shows plus movies that are all about the power of our plates.  

1: Waffles + Mochi  

This particular family-friendly cooking series follows aspiring chefs Waffles and Mochi as they travel around the world to learn about different foods plus cultures, and whip up delectable dishes along the way. Each episode revolves around a fresh ingredient — many associated with which are plant-based! “Waffles + Mochi” will be also part of Netflix’s special sustainability stories   collection.  

2: The Game Changers

This documentary comes after James Wilks, former winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as he travels the globe investigating the optimal diet for human performance. Wilks talks to scientists, soldiers plus elite athletes about the benefits of use of plant diets and, in the particular process, rethinks everything he thought this individual knew concerning the relationship between meat, health and strength.

3: Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

About  one-third of meals produced for human consumption gets thrown out each year — that’s around 1 . 3 billion dollars tons! Narrated by the late chef Anthony Bourdain, this documentary takes viewers all over the world in order to show the particular devastating impacts of foods waste and the visionaries fighting to prevent it. Famous chefs explain how to transform unwanted “scraps” into mouthwatering dishes plus ultimately create a more sustainable and secure food system.

4: Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Season 2 

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In the second season associated with “Down to Earth, ” actor Zac Efron plus wellness expert Darin Olien continue embark on another worldwide journey, where they witness the effects of climate change firsthand and explore healthier ways of living. Through regenerative agriculture and plant-based diets in order to food waste materials, the show highlights the trailblazing solution-seekers who are usually combining new technology along with traditional knowledge to safeguard nature and people.  

5: Honeyland 

Bees are crucial to our health and survival — as pollinators, they’re responsible with regard to about a third from the meals we eat. But bee populations worldwide are under threat from weather change. Honeyland follows Hatidze, a beekeeper living in the particular mountains of Macedonia who cultivates honey using ancient traditions. The film showcases how age-old techniques can help safeguard bee populations plus, by extension, global foods security.  

6: Chef’s Table France

“Chef’s Table” provides all the sweet, savory and salty flavors associated with France right to your kitchen. In the first show, join legendary Chef Alain Passard, that rocked the particular culinary world when he or she rebooted his three-Michelin star restaurant to focus on an all-vegetarian menu.  

7: Selena + Chef

Singer, actress and producer Selena Gomez invites audiences into her home kitchen in this light-hearted, unscripted cooking series. Each event features a new guest cook, and while you can try your hand at various plant-recipes throughout its four seasons, don’t miss Season 3’s Episode 8, featuring chief cook   plus wellness professional Sophia Roe. Together they craft a flavorful use of plant picnic of tofu lettuce wraps, mushroom meatballs and sweet potato salad. The particular cherry on top: the show donates $10, 000 to the charity of the chef’s choice after each episode.  

eight: The Future Of

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From fashion plus space to sports and dating, this particular docuseries imagines what the future associated with our globe will look like — and the particular futuristic solutions for some of the many pressing problems facing humanity. In that spirit, Season 1’s Episode two follows food tech startups which are trying to address the ethical and environmental concerns close to meat manufacturing and reimagine a classic — the cheeseburger.  

Many people across the world don’t have access to healthy food. Social entrepreneur Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli lays out what it would take to build a more equitable, sustainable meals system:

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