Amazon . com Prime Movie original Korean drama “Island” dropped the first stills associated with actor Betty Nam-gil in his new role.

In “Island, ” Kim Nam-gil plays the role of Van, a half human and half monster who had no choice but to fight demons for countless years on his own.

Korean actor Ellie Nam-gil in the upcoming Korean drama “Island” (Amazon Prime Video)

“Island, ” based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same name and set within Jeju Island, tells the particular tale of individuals who are fated to fight against evil forces that are trying to destroy the world.

Kim Nam-gil is starring in “Island” together with Cha Eun-woo, Lee Da-hee and Sung Joon.

In the released stills, Kim Nam-gil as Van exudes a dark charisma because he grasps his dagger and slays demons. His fierce determination and skills accumulated from endless years of demon hunting is palpable.

In another still, Van holds onto chains tautly and fiercely gazes upon his opponent.

Korean actor Betty Nam-gil within the upcoming Korean drama “Island” (Amazon Prime Video)

Korean actor Ellie Nam-gil in the upcoming Korean drama “Island” (Amazon Prime Video)

“From the first shoot, Kim Nam-gil analyzed his character with great detail plus immersed himself completely into his personality Van three-dimensionally from head to toe. Please look forward to actor Betty Nam-gil’s performance as he leads the story associated with ‘Island’ at its center, ” according to “Island” producers.

Amazon Prime Video clip original series “Island” will release the very first episode on Dec. 30.

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