Although Zach Cregger has been active in the comedy corner of the entertainment industry for many years, with his credits including The Whitest Kids U’ Know , Wrecked and Miss March , last year he made a big splash in the horror realm with Barbarian . The “crazy” flick starring Bill Skarsgård , Georgina Campbell and Justin Long was a critical plus commercial success, and we here at CinemaBlend ranked it as one of 2022’s best horror movies . Well, because Barbarian performed so well, Cregger has scored a massive payday for his next horror movie.

It was announced today that New Line Cinema has won the rights Zach Cregger’ upcoming movie Weapons , which the filmmaker is putting together with his Barbarian producing team, i. e. Roy Lee of Vertigo, and J. D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules of BoulderLight Pictures, and Vertigo’s Miri Yoon is also attached to produce. New Line was one of several parties interested in acquiring Weapons , and following the movie going to market on the morning associated with January 22, the studio closed negotiations on it earlier this week, along with THR ’s sources saying that Cregger scored “eight figures” to write and direct.   This is in sharp contrast with Churl , which 20th Century Studios distributed and was only given a $4 million production budget, though it went on to collect $45 million worldwide.

But that’s not all! The news outlet furthermore mentioned that will as part of Zach Cregger’s deal with New Line Movie theater to make Weapons , not only did the movie get a guaranteed greenlight and a guarantee it will be theatrically release, Cregger gets final cut “pending the threshold will be met during test screenings, ” as well as “a controlling interest in a backend pot. ” Furthermore, if Weapons is usually a hit, then the particular powers-that-be at New Line/Warner Bros. would aim to keep Cregger around as “a significant scary voice plus supplier. ” Richard Brener, New Line Cinema’s President and Chief Creative Officer, said the following about Cregger making Weapons for the studio:

Zach proved with Barbarian that he can create a visceral theatrical experience for audiences and that he commands every tool in the filmmaker toolbelt. We couldn’t be happier that will he, Roy and Miri, and M. D. and Rafi chose New Collection to be the home of their next film, and hope it is definitely the first of many to come.

No specific plot details for Weapons have been revealed yet, but the movie is reportedly described as “an interrelated, multistory horror epic that tonally is in the particular vein” of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia . Production is expected to begin later this year, so this might not be too long until we learn who will star inside the horror movie. Assuming Weapons doesn’t have to offer with any delays or setbacks, it’ll likely end up being ready to hit the silver screen within 2024.

We’ll pass along any major updates on Weapons ’ progress once they come in, but if you missed out on the insanity that can be Barbarian , stream it with HBO Max subscription so you can get in on the conversations regarding the movie’s wild twists and read our breakdown of the particular ending . You’re also welcome to get the lay of this particular year’s cinematic land by looking over the 2023 film releases .

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