Captain America: New World Order director Julius Onah reveals that the upcoming film will highlight Sam Wilson’s leadership skills.

It’s been over a year since we’ve fully witnessed Anthony Mackie’s Mike Wilson embrace the title of becoming the new Chief America. His whole journey as the new Captain The united states started when he first appeared in  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  in 2014. He was one of Steve Rogers’ most trusted allies and The Falcon back then.

Since 2014, Mackie’s Sam Wilson has appeared in various MCU films plus starred in his own Disney+ series,   The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . We remember that will in  Avengers: Endgame , Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) entrusted him with the trademark vibranium-made shield.

After  The Falcon and the Winter Enthusiast , Mike Wilson is returning as Captain America in  Captain The united states: ” new world ” Order . While the plot details for the upcoming fourth standalone film for Chief America remain under wraps, its movie director shares a few details about it.

Early this year, Marvel announced that Julius Onah would be directing the feature film. Onah has previously worked on Netflix’s  The Cloverfield Paradox  in 2018. In 2019, he co-wrote, produced, and directed the particular social thriller drama   Luce,   which has received positive reviews from critics worldwide.

More details regarding the film were revealed at the recent D23 Expo. A character through 2008’s  The Incredible Hulk   appears to come back and serve as the main antagonist for  Captain America: New World Purchase . The movie will begin its production early next year and is expected to come to theatres in the spring of 2024. The film will be at the latter end associated with MCU’s Phase 5 and will hit the particular cinemas just months before  Thunderbolts .  

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Chief America: New World Order will test Sam Wilson’s leadership

Aside from the casting and manufacturing details, Onah has hinted more about what to expect for the forthcoming movie. He mentions that  Captain America: ” new world ” Order   will be different compared in order to the previous Captain America standalone films.

Onah emphasizes this difference in his interview with  ET at D23 Expo. The particular director reveals that the movie will test Sam Wilson’s character plus leadership within ways he’s never tested. This is an exciting dimension to focus on, especially whenever it’s Sam’s character.   You can check Onah’s full statement below:

“We’re really testing him. And now that he’s taken the mantle of Chief America, he is really going to question what it means to lead. And all the action and all the emotionality of the story is really built around him answering that will question. Their values are going in order to determine so much of what’s going to happen moving forward. We’re putting that to the test in this film. ”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has slightly touched upon the particular pressure Mike Wilson offers on their shoulders after taking the title associated with Captain The united states. Throughout the series, Wilson will be combating the particular thought and pressure of being the brand new Captain America. It was only until the last episode that he finally embraced this. During his introduction to the MCU, Sam Wilson was more a sidekick than the primary hero. Plus this would be an interesting layer that will the movie will touch upon, especially in a post-Thanos timeline.  

Based on Onah’s words, we’ll see another side of Mackie’s Sam Wilson with this film. Perhaps we’ll see Wilson’s Captain The united states lead their own team just like Steve Rogers did during his tenure as Cap. We might have to wait a few more months before we actually know what the movie will be regarding. Surely, what will happen in the film will certainly affect the rest of Stage 5’s films.

Captain America: New World Order   will certainly hit cinemas in 2024. Meanwhile, you can watch  The Falcon and the particular Winter Soldier  exclusively on Disney+.

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