Moviegoers always crave something afresh. Whether in the storyline or in the dialogues, something new is always within the demand. Monotinity is not appreciated, especially in the industry hence, it makes the tasks of the makers all the more difficult.


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Dwayne Johnson has established himself as a bankable superstar when it comes to action flicks. However , his recent post from an upcoming movie set gives the impression that nothing new is on the cards.

Johnson has been a part of the successful Fast and Furious franchise. So much so that will he worked in a spinoff for the film as well. The Great One starred alongside, action-maverick Jason Statham plus nephew Roman Reigns in Hobbs and Shaw.


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The movie quite resonated with the audience and was the major hit worldwide. Next for Johnson is Amazon Prime’s The particular Great 1, also featuring Chris Evans. His recent social media activity has drawn comparisons with previous projects with regard to the upcoming movie from fans.

Difficult December regarding Dwayne Manley

The end of 2022 was not great for The Brahma Bull. It was revealed that the new regime at DCEU had not been interested within going for a second installment associated with under-par Black Adam.

The particular sudden move not only surprised the actor, but their several followers as well. Led by James Gunn, the particular universe is also looking past Henry Cavill because Superman.


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Johnson has been dedicated for years to the making of Black Adam and would surely have been disappointed over the particular final outcome.

A fellow actor who has come out unscathed using the recent choppings at DCEU recently took a dig at Manley . Their social press activity might surely add fuel in order to the already raging fire.

Upcoming project’s similarity to previous work

He found solace in his major project, which will arrive later this year. However, the predictability of his upcoming movie might not sit well with fans. A WrestleMania appearance from The People’s Champ cannot be ruled out.


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He along with fellow acting professional John Cena is a firm favorite to compete at the perennial event this year. WWE legend Stone Cold is also speculated in order to compete making it a must-watch show.

Dwayne Johnson has shone through hard circumstances in order to conquer the action genre. This current post through him might have indicated repetitiveness in their work for some fans. But until one sees the particular final product, it will be hard to determine its quality.


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Whatever the case, the superstardom that will he musters, it would certainly not be the surprise if The Red One is successful. And add to the currently impressive CV for the particular actor.

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