Just like the Quick and Furious movies themselves, the budget for the upcoming Fast X has reportedly gone off the rails.

According to The Wrap , Fast X’s cost has grown to a jaw-dropping $340 million, significantly higher than F9’s estimated $200 mil budget.

From the outside, it’s not hard to see how Fast X’s budget got out of control. In addition to rising production costs and increased salaries for returning cast members, Fast Times also features a couple of new high-profile names like Jason Momoa plus Brie Larson .

The Fast and Furious Movies in (Chronological) Order

Then there’s the drama surrounding Fast X’s director situation. Longtime Fast franchise director Justin Lin stepped down from Fast X in April , reportedly due to a blowup with star Vin Diesel . Replacing Lin was costing Universal up to $1 million per day to keep the manufacturing in limbo. Universal also delayed Quick X one month through April 2023 to May.

The particular Fast plus Furious business has consistently been a cash cow for Common, so it’s likely Fast X will still turn a profit even with its enormous price tag. 2021’s F9 earned over $725 million at the worldwide box office, setting post-pandemic records at the time. Recovery at the particular box office in general and the fact that Fast X is the beginning of the end for that saga could lead to an even higher total for this film.

However , that hasn’t fully assuaged concerns that it will be more difficult to see profit returns on what is becoming the most costly film in the particular Fast operation.

Fast By will serve as the first half associated with a two-part finale for the Quick and Mad franchise . If you need to catch up on the series before Fast Back button, here’s how to watch the Fast plus Furious movies in order .

Just don’t get too attached to Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs, as The Rock has declined Vin Diesel’s request to return for Fast X .

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