Thanks to Netflix, Don DeLillo’s critically acclaimed novel White Noise will be brought to life on a screen near you soon. The film is already drawing acclaim even before its release.

The profound novel White Noise , published in 1985, served as a fictional commentary on the mundane American society during this time. DeLillo conveys his message of disdain for societal numbness, groupthink, and “white noise” through the particular happenings associated with the Gladney family. According to the  NY Times ,   in 1985 , Jack plus Babette housed a blended family of four strangely inquisitive kids. In the White Noise community, everyone is the constant consumer of the group identity subscribed in order to by unnatural human nature. However, once overcome by the inevitable natural elements, we see their “white noise” world crumble.

The film adaptation of this cult classic comes at an eerily comparable point inside modern society. Similarly, our society was halted by a force out associated with human control, the 2020 global pandemic. Since then, humans around the world have adopted a new norm. However, the particular pause within routine revealed a similar crack in the culture as the White Sound society. A culture of mass consumerism has begged modern society to take the closer look at the 1985 classic novel on the “big” screen.

“Big” screen is meant figuratively because the movie premiers upon Netflix   on December 20 and can be streamed on any device with Netflix access. However , a trailer released in August revealed insightful sneak peeks of the movie. In this trailer, we see Adam Driver ( Star Wars: The Force Awakens ) as Jack Gladney, a Hitler studies professor, alongside Greta Gerwig ( Ladybird) , who plays their wife, Babette. In addition , the particular cast hosts other outstanding talents such as Andre 3000, Don Cheadle ( Avengers: Infinity War ), Jodie Turner-Smith ( Anne Boleyn ), and many more.

Towards the end associated with the teaser, Driver’s personality proclaims , “May the days be aimless. Let the particular seasons drift. Do not advance the action according to the plan. ” Their town seems in order to be a quirky but quaint one where existence can be good because long as their children are there and everyone is together, as Babette remarks . Which foreshadows the switch from the mundane lifestyle to a total apocalypse amidst a life-threatening chemical explosion.

At this year’s  Venice Film Festival , the film received a three-minute-long standing ovation from the gala audience. As Netflix’s first film to open the particular festival, it is safe to say the film’s adaption over exceeded expectations.

As the release date draws near, Netflix users and movie lovers anticipate the eccentric thriller comedy directed by Noah Baumbach. Reviews for the particular film promise an on-par recreation of the original thought-provoking novel. Watch the official teaser truck down below .

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