WWE News

WWE News is a daily in-depth program on wrestling, edited and conducted by Stefano Benzi. It covers the world of wrestling, from WWE to New Japan Pro Wrestling and everything in between.

Wrestling is a sport that combines competitive sports with dramatic theater. It’s a popular form of entertainment and is the most widely watched professional sport in the world.

The main event of a wrestling show usually includes a championship match, which is defended by the winner of a series of matches between two wrestlers. During these matches, the wrestlers may perform moves that put them at risk of injury or death.

A professional wrestling promotion is a company that promotes a wrestling show, usually involving a large number of wrestlers. A professional wrestling promotion typically produces one or more weekly shows, called broadcasts or live shows.

It also creates and distributes feature films, television shows, video games, action figures and other intellectual property. The company is primarily owned by Vince McMahon, his wife Shane McMahon and his daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Brand extensions (2002-present): An idea introduced in 2002 to expand the company’s main brand rosters beyond Raw and SmackDown, with the development brands NXT and All Elite Wrestling. NXT is a brand that features a young, up-and-coming group of wrestlers who compete in a developmental program to eventually compete for the NXT Championship.

Wrestlers from the past who have made a difference in their careers and/or the sport of wrestling

Some of these wrestlers are credited with changing the face of the industry, while others were able to reinvent themselves over multiple eras. Some of them also used their platform to raise awareness about issues in the world around them.